Simplify your maintenance!

Elara is a cloud software that significantly simplifies the daily work of the maintenance team and increases the productivity of the entire plant.

Valued among SMEs:

For more productivity across the plant


lower maintenance costs


higher machine availability


less maintenance effort


time for software amortization

Daily work in maintenance significantly simplified


Work order coordination

Work order entry, prioritization, scheduling, assignment, collaboration, communication and control

Create work orders and have them approved by responsible parties, enrich individual work order steps with photo, video and text explanations, document execution with photo, video and text directly within the work order and much more.

Work order automation

Calendar-based planning, assignment and follow-up of work orders with reminder function

Apply preventive maintenance strategies, schedule recurring standard operations ("Standard Operating Procedures") such as shift handovers, maintenance or inspections and much more.

Knowledge management

Cloud for documents

Cloud for fast and location-independent access to all relevant documents for relevant employees

Share machine manuals, assembly instructions and measurement tables with the entire maintenance team, share cost reports and invoices with management only, share maintenance invoices with purchasing and much more.


Logbook of machines and completed work orders in a clear format with search, filter and copy functions

Tracking of past maintenance on machines, cross-generational recording of knowledge about the execution of specific work orders on specific machines, induction of new employees and much more.

Template database (coming soon)

In-plant database with drafts for work orders, standardized workflows in maintenance

Quickly find, create and execute DIN standardized safety checks, manufacturer-compliant machine maintenance work orders, common standard operating procedures such as inspection procedures, and more.

Performance analysis


In-plant database of draft work orders, standardized maintenance work procedures

Quickly find, create and run DIN standardized safety checks, manufacturer-compliant machine maintenance work orders, common standard operating procedures such as inspection operations, and more.


Manual and (soon) automatic collection of machine and work order measurement data for real-time performance evaluation

Real-time overview of individual machine performance, Overall Equipment Effectiveness or current monthly maintenance costs, insight into number and average duration of work orders and much more.

Event-based triggering of work orders (coming soon)

Automatic triggering of predefined workflows based on the occurrence of certain monitored events

Triggering of inspection orders in case of critical machine condition changes, automatic forwarding of invoices to accounting, notification of critical machine condition changes and much more.

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